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"Encaustic Workshop" - August 30, 2012

"Encaustic Workshop with Cyndy Goldman"
August 30, 2012    Thursday   1-6pm    Tuition: $250

Enjoy a comfortable working space in a Loft Studio with 2 artists per work station!
Group Workshop (4-6), State-of-the-Art Equipment, R&F Paints, All Materials Included.  No painting experience required.  A hands-on workshop with demos to provide you with a comprehensive working knowledge of Encaustic painting. Each artist is encouraged to work at their own pace.  Lunch & Beverages included for $20.00 or bring your own! 
* R&F Encaustic Demo at Blick Art Materials, Berkeley* -- Saturday 8/4  1-3pm   I will be presenting this demo!    Come in & say Hi plus take advantage of the 40% sale coupon!
American Easel Wood Panels are 50% off list as well as Ampersand Panels
at 40% off!  
What is Encaustic?
Wax, Damar Resin & Pigments 
Why paint in a process-intensive medium?  Luminosity, rich surface, versatility, adhesive properties, layering effects, immediate cooling time, reworkable, structural capabilities & the intrinsic beauty!  (Joanne Mattera).
These workshops are based on Cyndy's training at R&F Paints in Kingston, NY,  teaching in this medium since 2006.  Cyndy has been an exhibiting artist & educator in Los Angeles & the Bay Area.  She has been a Rep for R&F Paints since 2009.

"Suite 5" 
Encaustic, Graphite & Thread
on Panel

1-day Comprehensve:
Studio Set-Up     Ventilation
Supports & Grounds
Layering Techniques
Reductive, Line & Edge
Image Transfers  
Begin an Adventure!
Ready? Melt, Apply, Fuse!
ATC - Ampersand Encaustibords
Birch Plywood Substrates
Encaustic Gesso
Oil Pigment Sticks
Saral Transfer Papers
Joss Papers
Smooth Surfaces
Textured Surfaces
Line & Edge

How To Register:
Workshops fill up quickly! Reserve your spot! A non-refundable payment is required & the deadline is:
August 20 - Monday.  Email: to confirm. Mail your check payable to: Cyndy Goldman at:

Cyndy Goldman Studio
2200 Adeline Street, Loft 360
Oakland, CA  94607
415 806 5103
What To Bring/Wear?  Painting smock or something you don't mind getting paint on.  Notebook, Camera. Optional: Drawings, small pieces of acid-free papers, photocopies (color or B&W Laser Jet copies). (Please note not all papers and media will be appropriate for mixing with wax, so bring options for yourself.) Encaustibords or in-process works no larger than 12"x12".  
Look forward to working with you!   Cyndy

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