Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finding FORM: an expressive arts workshop

an expressive arts workshop


shape are you in?

expressive process: A  2013 New Year check-in with your psyche to reveal what forces are activating you now.  Play with the universal shapes and explore their meaning for your life.  Learn about the 5 universal shapes across all cultures and the psychology  of geometry.  Find out what's percolating for you now and for the new year!  

art process: Spontaneous drawing, painting and collage will form a departure for rewarding work which is not dependent on drawing ability or art experience.

Form and abstraction will be emphasized.  Explore the facination of symbols that reveal universal patterns of perception and the unconscious.  

dialogue: A facilitated and supportive summary of the group's process in reviewing relationships between your compositions, including your response and interaction of static and gestural elements. You will come away with a clear experience of your goals, dreams, visions, growth and change in relationship to yourself and others.  



2200 Adeline Street
(at West Grand)
Suite 360
Oakland, CA  94607

Parking on Adeline

DATE: Jan 20/Sunday  TIME: 2-5:30pm  Fee:$60  

Registration: Signups and Payments due by Jan 15th.  RSVP to Cyndy at
Sign up early, space is limited to 8 participants!  

The usual "Noshery" will continue to be offered at an additional $20 which includes Lasagne, salad, mochas,teas,water, juice, snacks and dessert!  Feel free to bring your own nosh! 

Cyndy is a working and exhibiting artist, educator and certified expressive arts facilitator for the past 12 years. The expressive arts workshops are designed for experiential learning, self-exploration in a fun, safe, caring and supportive environment.  These workshops  offer a short-term dynamic and intensive experience within a small group setting intended for group interactive learning, active involvement for developing solutions, expressive communication skills, and behavioral changes through the application of process.  

Look forward to seeing You! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

"Encaustic Workshop" - August 30, 2012

"Encaustic Workshop with Cyndy Goldman"
August 30, 2012    Thursday   1-6pm    Tuition: $250

Enjoy a comfortable working space in a Loft Studio with 2 artists per work station!
Group Workshop (4-6), State-of-the-Art Equipment, R&F Paints, All Materials Included.  No painting experience required.  A hands-on workshop with demos to provide you with a comprehensive working knowledge of Encaustic painting. Each artist is encouraged to work at their own pace.  Lunch & Beverages included for $20.00 or bring your own! 
* R&F Encaustic Demo at Blick Art Materials, Berkeley* -- Saturday 8/4  1-3pm   I will be presenting this demo!    Come in & say Hi plus take advantage of the 40% sale coupon!
American Easel Wood Panels are 50% off list as well as Ampersand Panels
at 40% off!  
What is Encaustic?
Wax, Damar Resin & Pigments 
Why paint in a process-intensive medium?  Luminosity, rich surface, versatility, adhesive properties, layering effects, immediate cooling time, reworkable, structural capabilities & the intrinsic beauty!  (Joanne Mattera).
These workshops are based on Cyndy's training at R&F Paints in Kingston, NY,  teaching in this medium since 2006.  Cyndy has been an exhibiting artist & educator in Los Angeles & the Bay Area.  She has been a Rep for R&F Paints since 2009.

"Suite 5" 
Encaustic, Graphite & Thread
on Panel

1-day Comprehensve:
Studio Set-Up     Ventilation
Supports & Grounds
Layering Techniques
Reductive, Line & Edge
Image Transfers  
Begin an Adventure!
Ready? Melt, Apply, Fuse!
ATC - Ampersand Encaustibords
Birch Plywood Substrates
Encaustic Gesso
Oil Pigment Sticks
Saral Transfer Papers
Joss Papers
Smooth Surfaces
Textured Surfaces
Line & Edge

How To Register:
Workshops fill up quickly! Reserve your spot! A non-refundable payment is required & the deadline is:
August 20 - Monday.  Email: to confirm. Mail your check payable to: Cyndy Goldman at:

Cyndy Goldman Studio
2200 Adeline Street, Loft 360
Oakland, CA  94607
415 806 5103
What To Bring/Wear?  Painting smock or something you don't mind getting paint on.  Notebook, Camera. Optional: Drawings, small pieces of acid-free papers, photocopies (color or B&W Laser Jet copies). (Please note not all papers and media will be appropriate for mixing with wax, so bring options for yourself.) Encaustibords or in-process works no larger than 12"x12".  
Look forward to working with you!   Cyndy

Friday, February 24, 2012

"Encaustic Studio Time"

Encaustic Studio Time !  
This workshop is open to artists that have worked in wax and would like to spend time completing work or starting something new!  This is studio time for you to work independently! Try out  R&F paint products and other wax compatible materials. Paint & expand your techniques with your own fully equipped workstation with supplies and materials.  

All equipment & paints will be provided. Bring your own panel(s) and preferred materials. Please use panels no larger than 12"x12" or if you have one large work (no larger than 36"x36", that is acceptable.  

Individual Instruction?
Please write to me if you are interested.  $100/hr & a 2-hour minimum. All materials included.  

When? March 7th & 8th 
Wednesday & Thursday 
11am - 2:30pm


One day only - $120.  
Both days - $200*

*If you register in advance for both days the fee is $200.  You can leave your work in the studio & resume the same workstation the following day. 

Space for Studio Time is limited to 4 artists per day.  You will have your own individual workstation. 

Register soon to reserve your space in the studio for a day(s) of working & getting into your zone!  

Send your Registration via PayPal or mail a check to:

Cyndy Goldman 

2200 Adeline Street, Suite 360
Oakland, CA  94607

What To Bring?
Painting surfaces/substrates, your own preferred paints, oil sticks, materials, collage items.  Bring a studio notebook & camera.

Please bring your own Lunch or signup for the usual"Noshtopia Special" - $20 

Look forward to seeing you in the Studio!  Cyndy 

On Adeline Street, or into the Loft Lot and use any space other than the dock area. Pay attention to 'compact car' only spaces.