Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Encaustic Workshop"

Cyndy Goldman 
"Encaustic Workshop"

December 3, 2011      Saturday   11am-6pm     Tuition:  $175.00 

Enjoy a comfortable working space in a Loft Studio with 2 artists per work station!  
Group Workshop (4-8), State-of-the-Art Equipment, R&F Paints, All Materials Included.  No painting experience required.  A Hands-on workshop with Demos to provide you with a comprehensive working knowledge of encaustic painting. Each artist is encouraged to work at their own pace.  Lunch & Beverages included for $20.00 or bring your own! (Wax Again (reconstituted) Encaustic paints will be available for purchase).
What is Encaustic?
Wax, Damar Resin & Pigments 

Why paint in a process-intensive medium?Answer:  Luminosity, rich surface, versatility, adhesive properties, layering effects, immediate cooling time, reworkable, structural capabilities & the intrinsic beauty!  

These workshops are based on Cyndy's training at R&F Paints in Kingston, NY,  teaching in this medium since 2006.  Cyndy has been an exhibiting artist & educator in Los Angeles & the Bay Area.  She has been a Rep for R&F Paints since 2009.

How To Register:
Workshops fill up quickly! Reserve your spot! A non-refundable payment is required & the deadline is:
November 30th.  Email: to confirm. Mail your check payable to: Cyndy Goldman at the adress below.

What To Bring/Wear?  Painting smock or something you don't mind getting paint on.  Notebook, Camera. Optional: Drawings, small pieces of acid-free papers, photocopies. Roll of Wax paper to wrap up your work, (Please note not all papers and media will be appropriate for mixing with wax, so bring options for yourself.)

Look forward to working with you!   
1-day Comprehensve:
Studio Set-Up     Ventilation
Supports & Grounds
Layering Techniques
Reductive, Line & Edge
Image Transfers

Begin an Adventure!

Ready? Melt, Apply, Fuse

Ampersand Encaustibord
Birch Plywood Grounds
Encaustic Gesso
Pigment Sticks
Saral Transfer Papers
Joss Papers

Smooth Surfaces
Textured Surfaces
Line & Edge

Cyndy Goldman Studio
2200 Adeline Street, Loft #360
Oakland CA  94607

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