Friday, July 2, 2010

"Spaces Between Working"


Titling these studies means I'm liking them.  Do you title afterwards, in the middle or no?

  • Sentimental
  • Numerical
  • Factual
  • Abstract, &
  • Mysterious
  • Care what you want to say?


Oblique shots of "Spring-Loaded"


Oblique shots of "Allegro"

"Trying To Be Good"

Oblique shots of "Trying To Be Good"

"Wiki Up"

"Peep Handler"

Oblique shots of "Peep Handler"


It's been 30 days since packing my life and studio into storage.  A painter goes to her studio to make meaning.  How you fill periods between working productively and creatively can feel bad and frustrating when there is too much life.  Whether you are experiencing the freeze, workspace changes, depression, new/old relationship issues,  financial stress, and a big culprit for artists is dealing and recovering from rejection and disappointment.  What are you doing to feel good when life gets bigger than the passion to make meaning?  

Attempting to tame chaos, live, make important decisions, parent, have fun, stay connected to friends, eat right, look good and maintain everything in the midst of any change is a lot.  In my case, it's been a lot for a long time.  A nice and very pretty big change.  Leaving one city for another, and going to start a new chapter after 17 years of raising an Autistic child is pretty amazing.  It's been hella difficult to sneak little shreds of life this way -- but women do it every day.  When I am 'so calm' and 'disinterested' on the surface -- my closest friends know 'somethin ain't right'.  

Treading 'limbo' time and space now is very unfamiliar to me and there's no way to not know more about myself-- so why not buckle up and hang on for another wild ride?  Aren't we all buckling up?  

The studies above are fun casual sketches I've been making in this 'space between working'.  It's satisfying the urge to paint as well as keeping me primed and ready to jump once I'm in my new Loft!  Friends have been asking me, "What do you think you'll be painting when you get into your new Studio Loft?"  I really don't know.  Several weeks ago I started freaking out about it.   Today?  I'm enjoying the summer doing other things I love to do.  

Spaces between working is a special place.  Everything that you can enjoy and experience is all part of leading you, and taking your work where it wants to go.  And I know we just have to get out of the way!  

While in this place of transition, I am forced to pay attention to life.  The creative passion is strong in all areas of my life even when I'm not directly in the Studio!  Living with meaning is living large in the way I parent, my enormous love of cooking,  entertaining, music, museums, films, sketching, reading, photography, writing, fashion, style & makeup.... what a concept?

"Life teaches you that work is fulfilling and you need it to be content to a certain extent, 
but if you’re not living life, there’s really no point. 
To fill those times in between work creatively and productively is a real challenge".
Actor - Gabriel Byrne


  1. The sketches are beautiful Cyndy! So packed with coiled energy - "spring loaded" as you said! Its hard to believe you did these with no studio or even a place of your own! Can't wait to see what you will do in your new Loft Studio (noticed you're capitalizing the words!).

  2. Thanks RK! The energy is definitely packed inside of me with no Studio!!! I made up a large Pen & Pencil kit and 1 sketchbook that is running thin already. I am excited about what will happen in the new LOFT STUDIO! (You may see there's a Kingston influence happening here)!