Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Inside The Studio"

Medium:  Encaustic - Beeswax, Pigment & Damar Resin...

Defining the Line
A photoblog of today's session.  A continuation of the "surface zero" project.  Taking down a series of encaustic paintings to the core-- recharging them after 5 years of standing in storage.  

Exploring painting by going back into old work...  a new way of looking at them.  Using a different method for joining color, grid and surface.  

What Was...
Taking the Layers Down (48x48 on panel)
Iwatani Torch

Intuiting what to leave

Scraping 1/4" layer of Wax

Inlaying The Grid

Lots of Looking
Thinking about the surface (reductive)

Another One - 24x24

That's It for a day!

Encaustic Mediums
(Applying the Gel theory to Wax)

Prepped for tomorrow morning session!

New Surfaces over old ones

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