Friday, March 26, 2010

"Inside The Studio"

In Progress -- Mixed Media on panel (36x36)
(Painting Surface Zero)

The work lately is continuing in it's transition.  This painting is developing after 'taking it down'-- left traces of markings that engaged me again with using my range of materials.  The switching back and forth with mediums has been a time of learning and making decisive decisions -- knowing when to stop puttering and backing up when you know it's not taking you there.  

Stalking the accidents and giving myself to the process is a lot of things right now.  Creating and developing new techniques, waiting around, getting motivated, doubting, patience wearing thin, time-consuming, staying focused, etc...  

It's no mistake that life collides or colludes with your work as an artist.  If you track what's going on in your reality and notice what's happening in the studio -- truthfully, it's no surprise that you are working things out.  But, being there, in the Studio requires discipline to shut out the yammering going on in your head so you can face the demands of what the work is demanding of you.    

Another painting undergoing 'surface zero'

The feel good moments happen when I can open up and go with the flow, staying with and watching my work going through a change.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about and have gone and come back from that place many times!  And, the times that it takes you somewhere is what keeps motivating you to go there again and again.  It definitely produces anxiety when you experience doubt or fighting with yourself.  When your mind is telling you what you think you want to paint and then you let your instincts drive, it can be an unpredictable ride.  You may not know where you're going exactly, but it's great to understand how your work patterns manifest.  The work is always ahead of you!  

Whatever is happening with the's got to keep you interested to make you show up.  Whether it's  successful or not, the engagement is what counts with my working sessions.  Pushing and pulling the work right now is what draws me back into it, but it is also exhausting and lots of hard work during this phase of change.  

My love of color, composition and grid continue to keep me excited...that I know for certain.  So, leveling with the materials and staying long enough to work out the integrity is important... I think this is what gives space for making work that is yours and not like anyone else's, right?  

Taking down the Wax of another painting (48x48) using the Iwatani Torch.  

There are several processes going on in the studio this month.  I don't like waiting around and I usually work on 2 or 3 paintings at a time while prepping and making encaustic paint and medium.

My handmade Encaustic Paints 
(Beeswax, Pigment, Damar Resin)

In Progress - Acrylic on canvas (36x48)

 In progress...Encaustic Oil Sticks, graphite and Wax on panel  (24x24) 

Haven't finished a suite of paintings lately so no slacking off allowed!  Thanks for stopping by to follow me on what's happening "Inside the Studio"!

           You approach both a new work and a revival 
        with the same amount of integrity and hard work.  
       __Pamela Reed       


  1. Nice to see your studio. All the best,
    Barbara K

  2. Barbara -- Thanks for stopping by! It's chaotic at the moment but I know you can relate! Hope to see photos of your new studio very soon! C

  3. Great post Cyndy - really feels like a studio visit! Love the "weathered" feel on the new piece! The acrylic looks promising with the large skewed shapes and the new wax in progress looks elegant and done as is! (I realize that's tape on it) Your studio shots always look like compositions for paintings to me...

  4. Thanks rk! i'm liking the 'weathered' feel too...the skewed painting started when i took those oblique shots (very different for me)...maybe i should leave the tape on ! laugh! thanks for blowing lots of wind on my back!!! C

  5. Hi Cindy

    Wow, I'm going to be a regular here! What beautiful work and works for me. haha

    Your words are a real comfort - it's like you're putting my thoughts out loud in my mind and helping me, GET THE LEAD OUT!

    How I would love to sit and quietly schmooze with you while you work your magic.

    Thanks, Sherrill, Montreal

  6. hi again CYndy,

    I apologize for spelling your name wrong in my last post. My bad.